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Advantages of Hard Money Loans Arizona

It is true that hard money loans cost more in interest and fees than most traditional loans. But there are several advantages of using hard money loans Arizona.

Most borrowers are focused on trying to find the most affordable lender when they are seeking a loan. And thinking along those lines is likely to keep many borrowers from taking advantage of all of the benefits of hard money loans Arizona. But investing just a few minutes in exploring the advantages of hard money loans could easily change some borrower’s opinion of hard money loans Arizona.

As a business person, your time is very valuable. And hours spent completing traditional loan applications are costing you money. The time could be better spent managing and growing your business. The much simpler application process of hard money loans Arizona is a great way to save yourself time and the stress that is associated with completing forms and compiling bank statements and other documentation.

Another advantage of hard money loans is the fact that you will not need to submit your personal banking and financial statements to the hard money lender as you would if working with a bank. Traditional lenders are interested in business creditworthiness and financial health as well as the personal financial situation of each owner of the business. However, a hard money lender is only focusing on the current market value of the property which will be the collateral for the loan.

Self-Employment is Not an Issue

Many banks and traditional lenders have very specific criteria for funding a loan when the borrower is self-employed. This can make it even harder than normal for a borrower to qualify for a loan. But a hard money lender does not see self-employment as a negative. And in some cases they prefer it as it shows initiative and the desire to commit to hard work to become successful.

Used Correctly Hard Money Is a Great Tool

Hard money loans are not the perfect solution for every borrower. If you are looking for a long term loan, or if you need to borrow the entire purchase price of a property, then hard money lenders will be of no help to you. But if you are looking for a short term loan that can be funded quickly, then hard money is for you. The application process is much less lengthy and the criteria for approval is related more to the actual current market value of the property than it is your credit score. So borrowers with poor credit or no credit will have a fair opportunity to secure a hard money loan.

Not only is applying to many banks time consuming but it is also humiliating to be turned down time after time. But you can avoid the embarrassment and the wasted time by presenting your request to a reputable hard money lender. With a solid plan to purchase and resell for a profit, you have a higher than average chance of getting the funding that you need from a hard money lender.

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About the Author:  Dennis has been working in the real estate industry in some capacity for the last 45 years. He purchased his first property when he was just 18 years old. He quickly learned about the amazing investment opportunities provided by trust deed investing and hard money loans. His desire to help others make money in real estate investing led him to specialize in alternative funding for real estate investors who may have trouble getting a traditional bank loan. Dennis is passionate about alternative funding sources and sharing his knowledge with others to help make their dreams come true. Dennis has been married to his wonderful wife for 42 years. They have 2 beautiful daughters 5 amazing grandchildren. Dennis has been an Arizona resident for the past 40 years.

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How to Make Getting Hard Money Business Loans Quick and Easy

When it comes to getting approved to hard money business loans, it can be an arduous process. But Level 4 Funding offers simple “ABCs” to help you become eligible for loans and get approved fast!

When you decide you want to get hard money business loans for your company, there is a lot you can do to prepare before you ever even meet with a lender. For example, as with most anything, research can begin on the Internet. Do some digging about the types of loans available to business owners like yourself in your same industry and specific to you needs (for example, are you looking to purchase equipment or a building? – there are specific loans designed for each of those needs).

Once you’ve done some initial research about the types of loans out there, do your due diligence on lenders. While there online marketplaces that make getting a loan without ever leaving the comfort of your coach very doable, it’s also important to make sure you have the proper expertise and guidance — especially if you are first-time borrower. That comes from working with a professional lender.

Look for lenders that are local, have experience with loans in your specific industry and who can share their portfolio with you. Getting a good feel for your lender and moving forward on the same page makes the process of applying for hard money business loans much quicker and easier.

When you have made the decision on a lender, you can then decide if you need a short-term or long-term loan.

There are so many different ways to go about obtaining the loan as well as the kind of loan. Once you begin the application, you and your lender can work together on fine-tuning the right terms for your loans.

Once you submit your application, there are some evaluations that take place.

While with conventional banks and long-term loans, the process is much longer, requires a more complex application and proof of multiple forms of documentation, financials, credit reports and so on short-term loans with an alternative lender move much more quickly. The application process and fairly straightforward and the lender is mainly interested in collateral — and not much else. So if you want to move the process along, be prepare to prove what you can provide as collateral to secure the loan. It can even be the equipment or property that you intend to purchase with the loans. It’s a good idea to obtain legal advice when it comes to reviewing the term agreements. Be sure to take your time with all the documents that will require your John Hancock. These terms are binding with that signature. This is also a good time to review the entire contract with a fine-tooth comb to ensure that you haven’t missed any clauses about additional charges, fees or even pre-payment penalties. When you are ready to find a loan that’s right for you, call us at Level 4 Funding today.

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How to Qualify for a Spec Construction Loan

First-time real estate investors could find spec construction loans a challenge to qualify for and very complicated. Get a sense for how construction loans are different from conventional mortgages and some strategies to maximize your chance of qualifying.

Construction loans differ from ordinary commercial loans in a variety of ways. They are more complicated than regular mortgages and funding is given according to a specific timetable. An initial amount of funding will be given to the borrower, and then the remainder of the loan will be dispersed on a monthly basis, or at the borrower’s request. Most lenders will require verification of a borrower’s expenses over the course of a construction project, which can create complications.

Construction loans are especially tricky to qualify for and are considered too risky by most banks. Most lenders have difficulty underwriting construction loans because they have to rely on the borrower’s assumptions about the cost and profitability of a given project. Most lenders are especially wary of spec loans and consider them too risky because there is no guarantee of a future sale.

A spec loan is usually given on a short-term basis and is not meant to be a long-term mortgage. The aim of the borrower is to sell the property quickly after construction is completed. It is crucial that potential borrowers can demonstrate their expertise in order to qualify for a spec loan.

If you can talk up your expertise to increase your chances of qualifying for a spec construction loan

Your financial projections are what a spec lender will rely on to underwrite your loan and so it is essential to demonstrate your expertise. If a lender doesn’t have faith that you will finish a project, or that you will earn a profit in the end, in most cases your construction loan won’t be approved.

The best way to qualify for a spec loan is to give any potential lender confidence in your knowledge and experience when it comes to real estate. But there are additional strategies you can employ as well.

Specific tactics to help you qualify for a spec construction loan

Seek out lenders located near your construction site. A local lender will have an emotional investment in the area and will have a better understanding of your project’s potential. Ensure you have enough capital up-front to make a sufficient down payment. Lenders will want an assurance that you have a sufficient stake in your construction project. The risk entailed by a spec loan usually entails a significant down payment.

Have a detailed understanding of your builders draw-process, meaning know how much your builder intends to spend at every step of your project and be sure this schedule matches the structure of your loan.

In short to qualify for a spec loan, demonstrate your expertise, find local lenders, have sufficient cash on hand and know your projects timetable. By employing these strategies, you maximize the chances of your spec loan getting approved.

Dennis Dahlberg
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The Benefits of an Arizona Hard Money Loan

Why Do I Need Arizona Hard Money?

Hard money lender Arizona and private money lender Arizona are comparable, that’s true, however they’re additionally completely different and generally individuals are likely to confuse one with the opposite as a result of buyers generally use the phrases interchangeably once they actually should not
Whereas each hard money lender Arizona and private money lender Arizona are asset primarily based loans which have extra to do with actual property than the monetary stability of the borrower, they’re each additionally from non-traditional lenders, that’s to say, they’re nontraditional loans that aren’t given out by a financial institution.
So how are they so completely different? Effectively, for one, hard money lender Arizona occurs to be a gaggle of individuals, not only one particular person as with private money lender Arizona, however these lenders are all licensed to loan money. It’s only a matter of what type of lender you need.
Nonetheless, Private money lender Arizona is simply that, private. The private money lender Arizona could possibly be completely anybody from household to a pal to your enterprise affiliate or possibly even only a skilled whom you had been referred to. How you might be funded is agreed to by phrases set by the private money lender Arizona and no one else. That makes the loan simpler to acquire than say, a standard financial institution loan. Nonetheless, curiosity might be greater. Nonetheless, since these type of Arizona hard money loans are normally a fast turnaround, you don’t usually want to fret about that.

For that reason, private money lender Arizona might be extra versatile than hard money lender Arizona as you sometimes know the individual lending to you and also you cope with them straight.

That being mentioned, rather a lot of hard money lenders Arizona do get their funding from private assets, which is why the rate of interest is usually greater. Hard money lenders Arizona are additionally a lot simpler to seek out. So exit and attempt to discover it!
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